In the Automobile Marketing eco-­‐system, much of the same data is used over and over by everyone in the industry. It will take a new, different weapon to gain an edge over the competition.

XDATA ADS is that secret data weapon.
XDATA ADS is different. We have built a Data Exchange Platform with real time signals designed to put identity and behavior data on individual shoppers already in the sales cycle into your hands when you need them. Rather than trying to pull new customers into the sales cycle, we tell you what you need to know about the ones who already are.This is your secret weapon.


The XDATA (DaaS) toolset helps identify consumers currently in the sales cycle, as defined by the market, not us.
Custom audience creation puts you in control of the data you need and keeps it coming week after week, month after month; fresh, new data signals monitoring consumer behaviors at a fixed cost, no impression based pricing l, no paying for data over and over each time you use it.

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